[wix-users] WiX v3.10.4 and WiX v3.11.1 available

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Sun Dec 31 13:57:34 PST 2017

Happy New Year's Eve all!

WiX v3.10.4 and WiX v3.11.1 are important security releases of WiX. We strongly encourage all users of WiX to upgrade to WiX v3.11.1. If you must remain on a WiX v3.10 release, we highly recommend upgrading to WiX v3.10.4.

More at FireGiant's blog: https://www.firegiant.com/blog/2017/12/31/wix-v3.10.4-and-wix-v3.11.1-released/

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