[wix-users] Help needed, dialog condition not working

Armin Linder arminlinder at arminlinder.de
Sat Dec 2 09:44:26 PST 2017

I all,

I have a really weird problem, which has now cost me half of a week of 
time, and work needs to be done till Monday, so I am finally asking your 

The problem is, that, despite what the docs say, my dialogs seem to 
ignore condiions.

I have authored some dialogs, like for instance:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (c) .NET Foundation and contributors. All rights 
reserved. Licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License. See 
LICENSE.TXT file in the project root for full license information. -->
<Wix xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi">
             <Dialog Id="MyExitDialog" Width="370" Height="220" 
                 <Control Id="Finish" Type="PushButton" X="236" Y="200" 
Width="56" Height="17" Default="yes" Cancel="yes" 
Text="!(loc.WixUIFinish)" />
                 <Control Id="Cancel" Type="PushButton" X="304" Y="200" 
Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="!(loc.WixUICancel)" />
                 <Control Id="BannerBitmap" Type="Bitmap" X="0" Y="0" 
Width="370" Height="44" TabSkip="no" 
Text="!(loc.DiskCostDlgBannerBitmap)" />
                 <Control Id="InstallText" Type="Text" X="25" Y="53" 
Width="330" Height="50" Text="Das Produkt [ProductName] wurde 
erfolgreich installiert." >
                     <Condition Action="show">NOT Installed</Condition>
                 <Control Id="UninstallText" Type="Text" X="25" Y="63" 
Width="330" Height="50" Text="Unser Produkt [ProductName] wurde 
erfolgreich de-installiert." >
                     <Condition Action="show">Installed</Condition>
                 <Control Id="BannerLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="44" 
Width="370" Height="0" />
                 <Control Id="Back" Type="PushButton" X="180" Y="200" 
Width="56" Height="17" Disabled="yes" Text="!(loc.WixUIBack)" />
                 <Control Id="BottomLine" Type="Line" X="0" Y="190" 
Width="370" Height="0" />
                 <Control Id="Description" Type="Text" X="25" Y="23" 
Width="340" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" 
Text="!(loc.ExitDialogDescription)" />
                 <Control Id="Title" Type="Text" X="15" Y="6" 
Width="280" Height="15" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" 
Text="!(loc.ExitDialogTitle)" />
                 <Control Id="LaunchAfterExitCheckBox" Type="CheckBox" 
X="25" Y="145" Width="330" Height="18" CheckBoxValue="1" 
Property="LAUNCHAFTEREXIT" Text="[ProductName] im Anschluss an die 
Installation starten" >
                     <Condition Action="show">NOT Installed</Condition>
                 <Show Dialog="MyExitDialog" OnExit="success" 
Overridable="yes" />
                 <Show Dialog="MyExitDialog" OnExit="success" 
Overridable="yes" />

For the InstallText and IninstallText controls, I used conditions to 
filter, so InstallText should appear if the product is installed, and 
UninstallText should appear if the product is removed.

Instead, I do always get both texts displayed. !? This screenshot was 
taken after a successful uninstakll:

The same problem affects the LaunchAfterinstallCheckBox, which is 
visible on install and on uninstall.

I have two more dialogs, displayed before installation starts, which 
show the same odd behaviour.

Any thoughts what causes this really weird failure of the "Installed" 
property, and how I can fix this?


*Armin Linder*
Mozartstrasse 12
84539 Zangberg

Tel: ++49 8636 9999180
Fax: ++49 8636 9999185
Mobil: ++49 170 8048096

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