[wix-users] Referencing a library project artifact (wixlib) from a setup project (MSI)

Jace Malloy jace81657 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 07:38:36 PST 2017

I apologize ahead of time, in that I'm not familiar at all with WiX;
however, in reading some of the documentation in my plight to resolve my
current issue, I see it's power and why it's preferred over the standard VS

I'm maintaining a large .NET sub project through Visual Studio 2015, that's
part of a larger project. The guy before me configured a Wix Setup Library
(wixlib output) for the smaller, sub project. The sub project is referenced
through a build process (Appveyor), which creates a MSI file for the entire
product (the larger project).

What I need to do is quite simple, but I'm at a loss with what I've tried
thus far. I want to create a MSI file for the sub project component for
testing. I want to do it through Visual Studio to where the build process
outputs a MSI using the existing wixlib.

I've added a WiX Setup Project to the sub project, but can't figure out how
to simply reference the existing Setup Library (wixlib). I've added a VS
reference to the Library Project in the Setup Project, but I'm not sure how
to call the Fragment from the library, from the newer Setup Project.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all...

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