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It's an edge case for something living in the engine, imo. That said, it's a good example of business logic that should be easier to customize than "write a BA." Maybe BAFunctions are sufficient? I've thought before that having engine extensibility parallel to the BA for business logic separate from UI/UX is worth investigating...Not sure it's worth the complexity, though.

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  Is there any way for a bundle to remove a specific version of previous bundles, without a custom BA and without causing an interdependency with the next version of a bundle?  The current RelatedBundle/Upgrade causes any future bundles which also intend to upgrade a specific bundle to also upgrade the related bundles.  IE, bundles A (1.0), B (2.0), and C (3.0).  If I have B and C both being related to A, when C is installed it will remove B. I understand the "why" behind this, as we want bundle A to be able to block when future bundles are created, however I'd like to allow the user to control the removal of previous bundles.

  I know I could easily handle this with a custom BA, but to me it would be nice if I implemented an optional option to related bundle to conditionally drive the behavior.  IE, <RelatedBundle Id="A" Action="OptionalUpgrade" Condition="UNINSTALL_PREVIOUS" />


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