[wix-users] Custom action sequencing

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Thu Aug 3 08:55:58 PDT 2017

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> I remember commenting about FragmentRef, but that never existed as far as
> I am aware. Usually I use a Property in the fragment, and a PropertyRef in
> the main Product.wxs, but you can use any element type in the fragment
> and use a "*Ref" element in the Product.wxs to pull it in.

Apparently it was present in Wix 2 [0], although I have not checked. My issue
is the fragment is dynamically generated and the contents are subject to change
so I can never rely on knowing what might exist. The property ref is probably a
better alternative to some suggestions floating about that use an empty component.

[0] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7978066/how-to-include-fragments-in-wix

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