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Richard West richard.west at chaucer.university
Tue Aug 22 14:28:39 PDT 2017

Kind regards,

Richard West.
The Chaucer Education Project.
24 Tudor Road,

Website: chaucer.university

The Chaucer Education Project
The aim of The Chaucer Education Project is the founding of Chaucer University, as an Open Technical University developing as a Mechanics' Institute.

The objects for which The Chaucer Education Project is established and which shall be achieved in all countries of the world and without differentiation between individual persons on the grounds of their colour, nationality, politics, race, religion or sex, are:-

(1) The advancement of education through teaching and research, and through being an examining body, and by the example and influence of the The Chaucer Education Project's corporate life and that of The Convocation;

(2) To preserve life, and relieve distress, hardship, poverty, sickness and suffering.

Chaucer University is currently a research concept virtual model. Please help to make it a global reality.

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