[wix-users] WixSetup - Check pre-requisites & Adding redistributable?

Sanket Kubal sanket at hoc.com
Sun Aug 13 23:37:25 PDT 2017



I am using WixSetup project for my application, which generates msi as
output successfully. Now, I have to add few more details-


1.	Check pre-requisites before installation:

As a part of pre-requisites, I have to check few conditions in product.wxs
file (Similar to .NET Framework 4.0)


    <PropertyRef Id="NETFRAMEWORK40FULL"/>

    <Condition Message="[ProductName] requires .NET Framework
4.0.">Installed OR NETFRAMEWORK40FULL</Condition>


How to add pre-requisite condition in product.wxs file with registry entry



2.	Adding redistributable packages in msi

Also, I need to add couple of redistributable items in msi, which will be
shipped with msi.

How I can add these packages in msi?


Can someone please help me with these points?





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