[wix-users] Creators Update breaks formatting in progress bar messages?

Bob Peterson Bob.Peterson at caradigm.com
Tue Aug 8 08:37:43 PDT 2017

A possible solution has been posted on Stack Overflow here; https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44527971/windows-installer-progress-bar-message-placeholders-1-are-not-substituted

And here:


Peter Macej wrote there:

I found the solution. All I needed was to add the following line inside the product tag in my main wxs,:

<UIRef Id="WixUI_ErrorProgressText" />


Without the above mentioned line, my MSI package was using the stock messages inside Windows Installer for ActionText, see this tutorial. It seems, that in earlier versions of Windows, these messages were identical to those supplied by Wix. That's why I got the correct "Copying new files" in Win 7 but incorrect "Copying new files File: [1], Directory: [9], Size [6]" in the latest Win 10.

After adding a reference to WixUI_ErrorProgressText, the messages defined by Wix are used (these messages are correct) and everything is OK.


In Wix, there's the following template defined as well (and this has confused me at first):

"File: [1], Directory: [9], Size [6]"

But if you expect to see the file names and their sizes during installation, you're wrong. The ProgressDlg in Wix doesn't display it. If you want this info, you need to override that dialog and add the ActionData text explicitly. I didn't test it. See how it's done in PrepareDlg.

I hope this helps someone else. I am unable to test this myself since our bug got closed as unreproducible (I'm only peripherally involved so this puzzles me).

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We have a Wix-based installer that's been working fine until recently. When we install it on the Windows Creator Update, the progress bar messages do not substitute real values for placeholders. Messages that are supposed to be formatted are now just shown literally. Examples:

    Copying new files File: [1], Directory: [9], Size: [6]

    Starting services Service: [1]

    Writing system registry values Key: [1], Name: [2], Value: [3]

Why aren't the bracketed placeholders being replaced with actual values?

Other facts: The same kit works fine on other versions of Windows. We've also tested on a kit built from an older code branch which builds using old .NET frameworks than 4.0, and that ALSO fails only on Creators Update

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