[wix-users] Installing Feature on Minor Upgrade

Jan Bungeroth jbungeroth at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 06:45:55 PDT 2017


I am trying to install a new feature containing only new components during
a minor upgrade. (I am currently using WiX 3.10)

According to the Microsoft documentation this should be possible:
"A minor upgrade can be used to add new features and components..."

Things I tried that didn't work:
- I set the feature state to Local in the PlanMsiFeature event method in my
managed bootstrapper
- I set ADDLOCAL=MyNewFeature in my MSI
- the new components have Transitive="yes"

My Bundle log looks ok:
Planned feature: MyNewFeature, state: Absent, default requested: Unknown,
ba requested: Local, execute action: AddLocal, rollback action: Remove

However my MSI log does not match this:
Feature: MyNewFeature; Installed: Absent;   Request: Null;   Action: Null

The old features and their components are updated correctly, so the upgrade
works. However, the new feature is not installed. What am I missing?



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