[wix-users] Problem loading designer for current WixBA code

John Cooper JoCooper at jackhenry.com
Fri Sep 9 09:49:41 PDT 2016

Chances are you need to compile first before you can view.

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Using VS 2015 Update 2, with SDK 10 and WDK 10 installed.

I located the sample code for the wixba to try and learn how a custom ba is written and how it works.  When trying to view the RootView.xaml in the designer, it chokes with the following:

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: targetPlatformIdentifier
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Platform.PlatformCreatorBase.IsCompatiblePlatform(PlatformIdentifier targetPlatformIdentifier, PlatformIdentifier guestPlatformIdentifier)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.WpfDesigner.WpfPlatformCreator.IsCompatiblePlatform(PlatformIdentifier targetPlatformIdentifier, PlatformIdentifier guestPlatformIdentifier)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Platform.PlatformService.IsCompatiblePlatform(PlatformIdentifier hostPlatformIdentifier, PlatformIdentifier guestPlatformIdentifier)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Designer.Project.ProjectContextManager.GetCompatiblePlatformIdentifier(IHostProject project)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Designer.Project.ProjectContextManager.GetProjectContext(IHostProject project, IPlatform platform, Boolean create)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Designer.Project.ProjectContextManager.GetSourceItemContext(IHostSourceItem sourceItem)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.Designer.DesignerService.CreateDesigner(IHostSourceItem item, IHostTextEditor editor, CancellationToken cancelToken)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.DesignerContract.Isolation.Remoting.RemoteDesignerService.<>c__DisplayClass12_0.<Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.DesignerContract.Isolation.Remoting.IRemoteDesignerService.CreateDesigner>b__0(CancellationToken cancelToken)
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.DesignerContract.Isolation.Remoting.RemoteDesignerService.<>c__DisplayClass6_0`1.<MarshalInWithCancellation>b__0()
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.DesignerContract.Isolation.Remoting.STAMarshaler.Call.InvokeWorker()

... and it continues on with "server stack trace", "Exception rethrown at [0]: ", etc.

I haven't played with WPF before, so I don't know what I might need to adjust to load the designer... What would I need to do in this case?


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