[wix-users] Upgrades with Users

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I think, this issue was reported by Simon earlier. If you see the upgrade log, at the end almost near Install Finalize Configure User CA gets executed, as part of this CA the user gets removed, which never gets created again. If you look at the source it is too confusing with the names of the CA. u may end up writing CA with net cmd.


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I'm using the UtilExtension's User item.

            <Component Id="FA2047985596" Win64="yes">
              <util:User Id="user" CanNotChangePassword="yes" CreateUser="yes" Disabled="no" LogonAsBatchJob="no" LogonAsService="no" Name="i-eq" Password="***REMOVED****" PasswordExpired="no" PasswordNeverExpires="yes" RemoveOnUninstall="yes" UpdateIfExists="yes" Vital="yes" />
              <File Id="FA2047985596" Source="C:\InstallerBuilder\ICOS\EQ\Files\wwwroot\i-eq\Global.asax" KeyPath="yes" />
              <CreateFolder Directory="F1576799264">
                <Util:PermissionEx GenericAll="yes" User="i-eq" xmlns:Util="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/UtilExtension" />
              <Iis:WebAppPool Id="WebAppPool081f5bcd8dd2444d86766a3df5d58961" Identity="other" ManagedPipelineMode="Integrated" Name="i-eq" RecycleMinutes="0" User="user" />
              <Iis:WebSite Id="WebSite615b6044c10943d5917636ce1df955f2" Description="Default" Directory="F1576799264">
                <Iis:WebAddress Id="WebAddressad263682943c4c10b62e3182ba0df13c" Port="9080" Secure="no" />
                <Iis:WebApplication Id="WebApplication0999b974402e48779a6cfb80b4cef75e" Name="i-eq" WebAppPool="WebAppPool081f5bcd8dd2444d86766a3df5d58961" />

This is part of an installation for IIS configuration and such. The weird permissions are from my IIS developer colleagues. Anyway, what I noticed is when the package installing the above component gets installed, all is fine if it is not an upgrade of the package. In the majorupgrade scenario (the only upgrade we do) the User is removed, despite being constant across the two versions in its details and in the component: both are Id FA2047985596 and we use a ComponentGuidGenerationSeed="{F48A928E-94A9-4639-8905-08B3174B8467}" on the InetPub directory where this (and other) components are "installed".  What is removing this user? The install log doesn't report any error and seems to do the same thing in both upgrade and initial install scenarios. Finally, when the User is removed, it actually results in "repair" actually being able to restore it to where it belongs.

Is this because there is a "RemoveIfUninstall" set and the MajorUpgrade is scheduled in such a way that the newly "Updated" (see next attribute) is actually removed? Should that not be set? If so, how does one do the "I want to update if exists *and* remove the user should an *actual* uninstall (msiexec /x or whatever) be performed, not an upgrade?

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