[wix-users] How to do Per user mode installation on specified folders

ADHAR JAIN adhar_office at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 22:47:37 PDT 2016

 Dear all,
Need the answer to following question. Could you please help?

down vote | Q1) --UrgentI am tryingInstallCondition = "VersionNT=v6.3 and MsiNTProductType <> 1"VersionNT=v6.3 condition alone returns true while complete condition returns false.to install package only if win2012R2 but this is not working.Even I tried producttype>0 but it does not work. I did see that product type for Win2012r2 is 3 while 8.1 is 1. Can anyone help me on this?
Q2)While .net 4.6.1 installs and it asks restart anyway, this dialog comes only for few mins, is there a way to increase the time?
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