[wix-users] Starting Managed Bootstrapper fails

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Wed Sep 7 05:36:32 PDT 2016

In my experience this happens when the mba throws an unhandled exception.  At this point enabling the Fusion logs on the machine where this is happening is the thing to do.


It might also be helpful in the future to implement an UnhandledExceptionEventHandler in the mba to log the Exception Information to the msi log.  (Or you might find some details of the exception in the Windows Application Event log, I'm not sure on that one.)

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Subject: [wix-users] Starting Managed Bootstrapper fails

Hi Everyone,

we have a single customer which can´t start our setup (Custom MBA) on their terminal server. Wix produces the following error:

[1974:19B4][2016-09-07T13:01:18]i000: Loading managed bootstrapper application.
[1974:19B4][2016-09-07T13:01:18]e000: Error 0x80131902: Failed to create the managed bootstrapper application.
[1974:19B4][2016-09-07T13:01:18]e000: Error 0x80131902: Failed to create UX.
[1974:19B4][2016-09-07T13:01:18]e000: Error 0x80131902: Failed to load UX.
[1974:19B4][2016-09-07T13:01:18]e000: Error 0x80131902: Failed while running

Our own UI is never shown. Regarding the link underneath, we already tried to disable and re-enable the .Net Framework but this task didn´t helped.

Any ideas what also can cause this issue?


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