[wix-users] How do I handle SetupFilesCleanup and SetupFiles Extract in Wix

Shobha Dashottar Shobha_Dashottar at symantec.com
Thu Sep 1 23:27:08 PDT 2016

Thx !
I upgraded to v4.0 but there ran into a bunch of issues. Light.exe fails with error Value cannot be null. 
I read about it and it seems the issue was fixed in 3.6. So, for now I will continue on 3.5 maybe I will have to write custom actions around those tasks.

But I wonder how everybody else is handling the extraction of the msi  . I thought it should be something inbuilt in Wix.


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think for the support file thing there is some news in WiX 4.x series:

## WixBuild: Version 4.0.3729.0
* @barnson: Adding some useful WcaUtil functions from FireGiant.
  * Add QuietExecCapture to get process output as a string.
  * Add WcaExtractBinaryToBuffer, WcaExtractBinaryToFile, and WcaExtractBinaryToString to extract content from the Binary table.

but for others: Yes if that is required unfortunately CA is necessary IMHO

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