[wix-users] Custom BA DisableModify

Vanniekerk, Tyrel (GE Healthcare) tyrel.vanniekerk at ge.com
Thu Sep 29 10:14:32 PDT 2016

Yes, I have a managed bootstrapper and want to know if the DisableModify or DisableRepair options have been set to yes.  As in:
<Bundle Name="Bundle Name" Version="" Manufacturer="A.C.M.E" UpgradeCode="Some Guid" DisableModify="yes">

A workaround would be to set a variable as well and check that, but I can't imagine why I would not get that value from the bootstrapper or .Engine or somewhere.  If you are creating a custom bootstrapper having a launch window that allows you to Modify/Repair/Uninstall seems like one of the basic dialogs you have to handle.

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from Custom BA, did you mean a Managed Bootstrapper?.. Sorry I got confused cuz of terminologies sometimes..

On 27 September 2016 at 13:15, Vanniekerk, Tyrel (GE Healthcare) < tyrel.vanniekerk at ge.com> wrote:

> Correction, the option in the bootstrapper is DisableModify, not sure 
> what on earth I was typing before.
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> Subject: Custom BA DetectModify
> Hi,
> Is there a way to see what the DetectModify value is set to in a 
> custom BA?  I have a launcher window and want to hide the Modify 
> option if it's been disabled.
> Thanks.
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