[wix-users] Web-based forums as alternative to mailing-lists

Victor Escobar sydbarrett74 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 05:12:35 PDT 2016

Hello all,

I have a proposal for the WiX project to set up message forums on its 
website mirroring the two users and dev mailing-lists. Simply put, 
posting a message on a forum is far less fraught than having to 
subscribe to a mailing-list and put up with scads of messages per day 
even when you might only ever send one message to the list. Forum 
platforms such as vBulletin have far more flexibility and features than 
plain old email, and place the power into the reader's hands.

NB: WiX is pretty notable in being the only project I can think of that 
/doesn't/ make use of a forum platform.

For those who insist on mailing-lists, how about giving the option of 
subscribing to daily and weekly digests rather than having one's inbox 
cluttered with individual emails?

I hope one of the project members is lurking on this list. I was going 
to send a message directly to the project maintainers, but couldn't find 
any 'Contact Us' links on the WiX site.

Victor Escobar

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