[wix-users] How to debug into cleanroom installation?

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 22 13:35:09 PDT 2016

Following the advice here: http://windows-installer-xml-wix-toolset.687559.n2.nabble.com/How-to-debug-Managed-BA-Burn-td6630791.html

How to debug Managed BA + Burn - Windows Installer XML ...<http://windows-installer-xml-wix-toolset.687559.n2.nabble.com/How-to-debug-Managed-BA-Burn-td6630791.html>
How to debug Managed BA + Burn. Here's one way to debug a managed WiX Bootstrapper Application (BA) and the Burn engine if you are interested in seeing how it works ...

I am trying to debug into the burn engine to see why it is not detecting my previously installed package properly (always says it's absent).

>From engine.cpp, line 460:

if (!::CreateProcessW(wzCleanRoomBundlePath, sczFullCommandLine, NULL, NULL, TRUE, 0, 0, NULL, &si, &pi))

It launches the installer again, and I lose my debugging ability after that.

How can I tell burn to not re-launch the installer into this "clean room", or, how can I continue the debug session?

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