[wix-users] Sequence difxapp:Driver after PatchFiles

Tom Brezinski tom.brezinski at ViaviSolutions.com
Thu Sep 22 10:21:52 PDT 2016

I am using the DifxApp Extension Driver element to install my drivers.  Now I am attempting to patch a driver file and am running into issues because MsiProcessDrivers ends up sequenced at 4013 while PatchFiles is at 4090.  So my existing driver is getting re-installed instead of the new driver.

Is there any way to modify the sequence for MsiProcessDrivers when using the difxapp:Driver element??

I tried defining a Custom element for MsiProcessDrivers set to After PatchFiles but I just get an error that the action is declared in two different places and neither one is marked Overridable.  The sequence attribute on the Driver element appears to only sequence the install of multiple drivers.  I am at a loss as to how one could patch a driver.


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