[wix-users] How to use checkboxes and Modify in custom bootstrapper

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 12:10:47 PDT 2016

Operating under the limited understanding that I have from reading Rob M's various posts that, we should not be showing or using the MSI gui when using the bootstrapper, I have set DisplayInternalUI="no" and am playing with making an install gui.  It's rough and ugly (I am NOT a gui guy) and not yet really working... Trying to learn the new patterns here, wpf, etc. but it's hard to get an understanding with so little to go on.

All of this effort is simply to get the MSI's "Modify" or "Change" feature replicated, as we lost that capability after going the bootstrapper route.

So, -how- do I use the checkboxes once defined in the xaml file?  I cannot find an example on the net with a project that is any more complex that an install + uninstall button.  And, how do use Launchaction.modify?  I was playing with the wixwpf project and added a line to the code (plus a button) that I thought would have kicked the MSI's Modify mode, but nothing at all happened. 


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