[wix-users] Cleaning up "worst practices" in shared files

Walter Dexter wfdexter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 12:27:59 PDT 2016

This is due to lack of communication between teams, not willful stupidity.

Both I and another team have MSIs that install the same two files. Call
them "r1.ini" and "r15.ini".

In my MSI, I have each one in a separate component with unique GUIDs.

In their MSI, both are in a single component with yet another GUID, along
with three more files that I don't deploy.

It's my feeling that we need to get to a point where we both install with
the same GUID so reference counting works, or move the files to their own
MSI that one team "owns" and both teams can then deploy that new MSI.


1. What's the best route to cleaning this mess up?
2. Which going-forward path (separate MSI vs. agreed to GUID) is
preferable? We deploy only via Microsoft system management tools, so
bundles aren't involved.

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