[wix-users] How do I handle SetupFilesCleanup and SetupFiles Extract in Wix

Tobias S tobias.s1979 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 01:31:18 PDT 2016


Just some comments for the above IS actions. AFAIR and based on their CA

ISSetupFilesHelper and ISSetupFilesExtract:
CAs which manage temporary files which are used only during Installation
Runtime (InstallShield term: Support Files). If you use them you have to
care about. For me seldom used so these CAs frequently could be ignored.
For new WiX toolsets some similar thing was added IIRC

Should be used for the Launch Application After Install Checkbox thing.
Something similar can be added in WiX.

Prevents downgrades. Similar to MajorUpgrade Element in WiX which adds
similar CA infrastructure

Forces to install MSI per machine IIRC

In general IS adds some CAs by default even if not needed. IS prefix
normally indicates that this is some InstallShield specific thing.


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