[wix-users] Custom action to backup folder before install

Wheeler, Blaine (DSHS/DCS) BWheeler at dshs.wa.gov
Tue Oct 18 07:56:02 PDT 2016

Why?  The installer service creates a restore point and also makes a roll-back source so it can recover from a failed or cancelled installation.  At the end of the successful installation the roll-back is deleted.

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Hello I need to back up the INSTALLFOLDER before upgrade/install.
I'm using a custom action as follows:

    <Custom Action="BackupDB" After="InstallInitialize" /> </InstallExecuteSequence>

But I cannot seem to be able to define the custom action appropriately


   <CustomAction Id='BackupDB'

    <CopyFile Id="SomeId" SourceProperty="SOURCEDIRECTORY"
      DestinationDirectory="INSTALLFOLDER" SourceName="*" />



Using Visual Studio 2015 and Wix 3.1
Any help is appreciated.

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