[wix-users] failing to elevate privileges on Win 10 - WiX 3.9r2

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Fri Oct 14 00:57:01 PDT 2016

Not aware of a better option. Seems only option is to submit to vendors that get it wrong.

 Short replies here. Complete answers over there: http://www.firegiant.com/

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Yes, I do sign my builds:  I sign the application exe, the engine, and the bundle.  On systems without AV, my installer looks good and everything seems fine - no scary warnings.

Is there some way to submit my release builds to one place, and all AV vendors will be happy with it, or should I submit it to every AV vendor individually (how in the world do I do that?!), or is there some other option better than trying a few big name AVs and submitting to them if I have problems, and waiting for my users to report any others?

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