[wix-users] ASPNET registration using WixIIsExtension

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Tue Oct 18 09:26:27 PDT 2016

I have a setup which installs IIS 7.5 (or later) and then creates a Managed Integrated App pool, web site and web application.  We target Windows 7/WS2008R2 where ASPNET 4 is installed with IIS (and the related dependencies) and on Win 8 through Win 10/WS2012 ASPNET 45 (or later is installed, with dependencies).

On Win 8 through Win 10, generally all is well, but on Win 7 I get the following error.

HTTP Error 500.21 - Internal Server Error
Handler "WebServiceHandlerFactory-Integrated" has a bad module "ManagedPipelineHandler" in its module list.

I saw blogs which implied that I needed to add WebApplicationExtensions, so I added them resulting in MSI Custom Handlers being created for various aspx and related extensions.  (I did not have to do anything like this previously when the same web application was installed using a non-msi based setup process.)  My testing indicated that the site was installed correctly, however at a later point after many changes to the application, and with the report that some dialog buttons and links no longer work, the developer feels the Custom Handlers are the problem and he modified the web.config to remove them.  He wants me to implement calling aspnet_regiis -us and then aspnet_regiis -i  I am very reluctant to go down that path.

What is the correct way to 'register' aspnet (if that is really the issue) in a Wix based bundle/msi without writing a custom action to shell launching aspnet_regiis.exe?  Or are there any other suggestions on how to research/resolve these issues.

I currently have:

 <iis:WebServiceExtension Id="ExtensionASPNET4" Group="ASP.NET v4" Allow="yes" File="[ASPNETISAPIDLL]" Description="ASP.NET4"/>

        <iis:WebAppPool Id="myappPool" Name="mysite" Identity="applicationPoolIdentity" IdleTimeout="20" ManagedRuntimeVersion="v4.0" ManagedPipelineMode="Integrated" MaxWorkerProcesses="1" RecycleMinutes="1740" CpuAction="none" QueueLimit="4000" />

        <iis:WebSite Id="mysiteASPNET" Description="my site" Directory="myDir" AutoStart="yes" ConfigureIfExists="yes" SiteId="*" StartOnInstall="yes" WebApplication="MY_ASPNET" DirProperties="mydirProps" >
          <iis:WebAddress Id="myAddressASPNET" Port="80" Secure="no" />
        <iis:WebVirtualDir Id="myvDirASPNET" WebSite="mysiteASPNET" Alias="my site" Directory="myDir" DirProperties="mydirProps" WebApplication="MY_ASPNET" />



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