[wix-users] DIFxAppExtension for both i386 and x86_64

johns at msli.com johns at msli.com
Tue Nov 29 10:42:42 PST 2016

Requiring 2 msi's is not ideal, as that would duplicates 90% of the
distributed, double testing effort, and asks the user to make a correct
decision, and if they make a mistake involve tech support.  All of these
should be avoidable using the wix tool set.

My 32bit prot.exe will run the 64bit prot.exe if the system is 64bit, so
the user does not need to decide.

If Difxis not capable of what prot.exe does, why hasn't anyone suggested
using a CustomAction to launch prot.exe?

I think this is the next route to try, but is something I don't know?

Are there any other options?

On 11/23/2016 12:09 AM, Tobias S wrote:
> If you want to deploy a device driver for x86 and x64 using Difx you have
> to build two msis each target one os platform (x86 or x64). In your case
> build 2 msis and use e.g. a bundle to deploy them (or 3: Application,
> driver_x86 and driver x_64). DifX is the approach we normally use for
> device drivers.
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