[wix-users] How to downgrade a file to an older version in a patch?

robert_yang at agilent.com robert_yang at agilent.com
Wed Nov 16 13:42:19 PST 2016

"We've ran into a problem with a third-party dll that requires us to downgrade to an older version (i.e. 5.0 to 4.0).  The patch that upgrades it is already released, so we can't just undo the change.  So this patch needs to remove the newer version and put in the older version in its place."

We would probably just ask users to uninstall patch A, and then install patch B in its place -- I'm assuming here that patch B contains updates to other files.  Uninstalling patch A should restore the DLL to version 4.0.  Then patch B simply leaves the DLL at version 4.0 and makes whatever other changes are needed.

I wonder if there is a way to bundle these two actions together ...


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