[wix-users] Having version number in filenames when apply a patch

robert_yang at agilent.com robert_yang at agilent.com
Fri Nov 11 07:57:22 PST 2016

"Is there any other possibility to install just some jar files of the software and not the whole application again? As I understood MajorUpdate means uninstall all files and install all files with a new version.

The background ist that people using laptops with  bad network connection but need to update the system. So we like to have our update packages as small as possible."

Yes, that is what a minor update is for.  If you can deal with leaving the old jar files around, then installing new ones in a patch should not be a problem.  We do something like the following :


Pay attention to the bottom of the page (Restrictions).  Also, if your application has a bootstrapper, then your patch .msp will most likely also need one.


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