[wix-users] is a bundle of appx an appxbundle ?

David Connet dcon at agilityrecordbook.com
Tue Nov 1 08:25:54 PDT 2016

I haven't looked into the wix extensions yet, but I have taken our desktop app into the store.
What we do (simplified):- Our build process generates a zip of the file layout, this is fed into the store build (on jenkins)- Unzip this to 'buildDirectory/VFS' (buildDirectory has the AppxManifest.xml in it already, plus an 'Assets' dir that the xml references)  (there's actually more we do, like some cleanup, but that's not important here...)
- makeappx pack /l /o /d buildDirectory /p ourapp.appx- copy ourapp.appx to dir/ourapp.appx- makeappx bundle /o /d dir /p ourapp.appxbundle
We only ran conversion once - then I just started tweaking the appxmanifest. And removed most other stuff like the registry.


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We use a bundle.wxs that chains msi-files and we create a bootstrapper and that installs a desktop application.

Now we want to bring our desktop application to the store.

As far as I know, we have to convert to a UWP-app. (using the desktop-bridge)

But I also read that if we create appx, we do not have to convert.

So, can I make appx out of our msi-files and chain them in a appxbundle to get a setup that I can submit to the store ?

I read since quiet a time about taking 'old' desktop-applications to the store; for any further reading-links I would be happy.




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