[wix-users] DIFxAppExtension for both i386 and x86_64

johns at msli.com johns at msli.com
Tue Nov 22 09:20:20 PST 2016

I need to add a driver install to a msi created by the wix tool set.

I have never used the Difxapp Extension, so I have questions.

My program is only released in 32bit, however the driver is platform
specific (i386 and x86_64).

This is a network protocol driver, and while I can right click the inf
to install, that does not auto-attach to interfaces.

I have a little program (prot.exe) that can install the inf and attach
to the interfaces.

The directory structure looks like this:
|-- x64
|   |-- avb.cat
|   |-- avb.inf
|   |-- avb.sys
|   `-- prot.exe
`-- x86
    |-- avb.cat
    |-- avb.inf
    |-- avb.sys
    `-- prot.exe

What strategy would work best to make one msi that can install the
correct driver?

Does Difxapp have the ability to handle i386 vs x86_64 decisions or is
there a popular idiom?
This seems like a popular use case feature if it does not exist.

In my case, is the Difxapp extension a good fit?

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