[wix-users] Is there way to dynamically set HeatDirectory's Directory with DefinedConstants?

Shintaro Takechi devst119 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 14:51:11 PST 2016


I know HeatDirectory requires Directory parameters, and I have been
hardcoding the value in the wixproj file.
However, since PreprocessorVariable already uses variable defined in the
project property, I would like to re-use it.

Basically following is the HeatDirectory I am trying to use.

<HeatDirectory NoLogo="true" ToolPath="$(WixToolPath)" VerboseOutput="true"
AutogenerateGuids="true" GenerateGuidsNow="false" OutputFile="output.wxs"
SuppressFragments="true" Directory="var.HarvestPath"
ComponentGroupName="coreComponentGroup" DirectoryRefId="INSTALLLOCATION"
PreprocessorVariable="var.HarvestPath" SuppressCom="true"
SuppressRootDirectory="true" SuppressRegistry="true" Condition="
'$(UpToDate)' != 'Equal' " />

However, this seems to not recognize Directory properly.

Is there any good alternative? Or would I have to hardcode the Directory?

Thank you.

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