[wix-users] Collation tailoring issue in ICU 58.1...

Lewis Henderson henderso at opentext.com
Wed Nov 16 12:12:46 PST 2016

Hello All,

I've refined a problem I have with collation tailoring in ICU 58.1.  Using ICU 51.1 and earlier, I have a collation tailoring that used an abbreviation with non-ASCII-7 characters, eg: "&A<*\u00c1\u00c0B...".  However, this fails under ICU 58.1 with a U_INVALID_FORMAT_ERROR status.

If I "escape" the sequence ("&A<\\u00c1\\u00c0B..."), or expand it ("&A<\u00c1<\u00c0<B...") it works in 58.1, but both approaches increase the size of my tailoring string.

Expanding the sequence is my current workaround, but I'd like to know when things changed, if they were supposed to, and if there's a better workaround?

Thanks for your attention.

                                                                Lewis Henderson
                                                                OpenText, Inc.

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