[wix-users] Burn can't find .net framework installer

Kentie, Marijn ma.kentie at royalihc.com
Thu Mar 17 05:17:23 PDT 2016

Alright, what I missed in Farrukh's suggestion, and now spotted in yours was that Compressed was set to 'yes'. Setting compressed to yet and explicitly providing a SourceFile does work. However, it's still unfortunate that one can't just use the standard NetFxExtension package and provide an embedded payload, overriding the downloadable one. The documentation suggests this should work.

Anyway, thanks (also to Farrukh), as now at least I've got something that works.

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is this maybe what you are trying to achieve?

<ExePackage Id="dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64_"
  InstallCommand="/q /norestart /log LOGDIR\dotNetFX40.log"
  DetectCondition="NOT DotNetInstall"
  InstallCondition="NOT DotNetInstall OR NOT (DotNetVersion >=v4.0.30319)" > </ExePackage>

this worked for me.

Best regards,
Stijn de Winter

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