[wix-users] Running .bat files in bundle

Winter,Stijn S. de stijn.dewinter at student.fontys.nl
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Hello all,

Well the bat files run many installations.
I think i will call every installation inside the bundle, with msipackage and exepackage.
This is a lot of work for now but will be better manageable later on i guess.

The bat files that configure and register things i can call using the cmd /c install command:
<ExePackage Id="batfile" InstallCommand="cmd /c" DisplayName="batfile" SourceFile="C:\install\bat\batfile.bat" />

Stijn de Winter
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Batch files are not transactional.... The right question is: what are the batch files doing? Could they not be configured as a custom action late in the install execute sequence?  If not, you could have them as a second MSI with custom actions that you schedule later in the chain.  The bigger issue is can you support rollbacks for this custom logic?

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Hello all,

I have a bunch of .bat files which have to be run after the main install.

The .bat files run msi, exe, and bat files.

Because of the msi files the bat files cannot be run during the main install.

Is there a way to run them in a bundle??


Stijn de Winter

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