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Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
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For 'most' situations I use a construct like this:
<File Id=" somefile.exe " KeyPath="yes" Source="somepath\ somefile.exe"/>

Which is equivalent to using Guid="*", which causes the wix tools to generate a GUID.   The GUID generation is in part based on the source path and the Id so if those do not change then the same GUID is generated for different builds of the package.   There may be limitations to this approach which affect creating a patches but I have avoided those issues by doing MajorUpgrades.

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Hello all,

I'm making an installer for a program which is updated very often.

When making the installer for an upgrade, do i have to create new GUIDs for existing components?


in V1.0.0.0 the "someFile" is different from the "someFile" in V1.1.0.0, do i keep the same GUID or do i have to change it?


<Component Id="someFile" Directory="someDir" Guid="someGuid" >


<Component Id="someFile" Directory="someDir" Guid="someGuid" >?


Stijn de Winter

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