[wix-users] Problem with properties in localized strings

Lewis Henderson henderso at opentext.com
Fri Mar 25 07:03:29 PDT 2016

Hi Folks,

I've run into a problem with localized strings.  I've found that, in general, you can use a property in a localized string, such as:

<Property Id="ProductVersion" Value="1.0" />

<String Id="MyServiceDesc" Overridable="yes">MyService for MyProduct [ProductVersion]</String>

<ServiceInstall Name="MyService" ... Description="!(loc.MyServiceDesc)" ... />

In this case everything comes out as you'd expect.  Of course, the <String /> element is in a .wxl file.
However, if I use this same property in a shortcut name, the property doesn't translate:

<String Id="MyShortcutName" Overridable="yes">MyProduct version [ProductVersion]</String>

<Shortcut Id="MyShortcut" Name="!(loc.MyShortcutName)" ...>

The shortcut in the ProgramMenu comes up as: "MyProduct version [ProductVersion]" instead of "MyProduct version 1.0" as you'd expect.  Why does this same property use fail for the shortcut name?

Can anyone help out here?  It's not a show stopper, but it would make things much simpler if this worked.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

                                                                Lewis Henderson
                                                                OpenText, inc.

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