[wix-users] Nested bundles

Parkes, Kevin Kevin.Parkes at wacom.eu
Wed Mar 23 09:04:10 PDT 2016

I have a bundle which I would like to include as an ExePackage within another bundle.

In the outer bundle I have a util:ProductSearch for the UpgradeCode of the inner bundle (the result of which I use in ExePackage at DetectCondition). So, something like:

  <Bundle ... UpgradeCode="GUID_1"/>

  <util:ProductSearch ... UpgradeCode="GUID_1" Result="state" Variable="BUNDLE1_STATE"/>
  <ExePackage ... DetectCondition=" BUNDLE1_STATE <> 2"/>

However,  the ProductSearch, with Result="state", is coming back as 2 (absent) so the inner bundle isn't being removed on uninstall. From the uninstall log:
    Product or related product not found: {GUID1}
    Setting numeric variable 'BUNDLE1_STATE' to value 2

What am I doing wrong?


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