[wix-users] Using 3rd Party dlls in wix cuation action c++ dll

shashank khadse shashank.s.khadse at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 06:30:36 PDT 2016

Hello ,
I am trying to use an api from a 3rd party dll ( this dll again has few 4-5
dependency dlls ) in my wxi custom action dll project.

So technically this dll ( and also its dependent dlls ) won't be bundled up
inside the msi
but will be needed to execute the setup at runtime.

I tried following options ]
1> Execute the installer from the same directory as that of the dependent

2> Add the path of the of the dependent dlls into system path variable (
this would be taken care by installer during installation..right now I am
doing it maunally ) so that the setup.exe/msi file would get the dll path
from system path to execute the custom action at runtime.

in  both the cases I am getting an error as

Can anybody suggest me any solution to call the 3rd party api from a dll (
taking of care of the dependent dlls of the 3rd party dll ) ??

Thanks -

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