[wix-users] Hyperlink Example

Glenn Pruitt glenn_pruitt at sil.org
Fri Mar 11 11:59:35 PST 2016

I would love to see a working example of how to use a Hyperlink control
element (not Hypertext).  I am using a customized version of the
WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.HyperlinkLicense theme.

I have a working version of my burn application that uses a Hypertext
control to display the EULA license file.  But it would be nice to be able
to change the color of the clickable link in order to fit our graphic
design better.  The Hyperlink contorl gives me that ability, but alas I
cannot figure out how to connect it to the EULA license file.  Simply
naming the Hyperlink control to "EulaHyperlink" does not make it work.  Nor
have I been able to add the href into the hyperlink text successfully.

Any help would be appreciated but a simple working example of a Hyperlink
control would be best.  Here is the doc page for the control I want to use:


Snippet of my non-working code:

    <Font Id="7" Height="-13" Weight="500" Foreground="FFFFFF"
Background="313a34">Segoe UI</Font>
    <Font Id="8" Height="-13" Weight="500" Foreground="FBE983"
Background="313a34" Underline="yes">Segoe UI</Font>

    <Page Name="Install">
        <Image X="0" Y="0" Width="494" Height="301" ImageFile="logo.png"
        <Text X="0" Y="140" Width="494" Height="40" FontId="1"

        <!--<Hypertext Name="EulaHyperlink" X="40" Y="206" Width="449"
Height="20" TabStop="yes" FontId="7"

        <Text X="40" Y="206" Width="200" Height="20"
        <Hyperlink Name="EulaHyperlink" X="241" Y="206" Width="75"
Height="20" FontId="8" HoverFontId="8" SelectedFontId="8">license
        <Text X="317" Y="206" Width="150" Height="20"

        <Checkbox Name="EulaAcceptCheckbox" X="40" Y="240" Width="13"
Height="13" TabStop="yes" FontId="3" HideWhenDisabled="yes"></Checkbox>
        <Text X="64" Y="237" Width="246" Height="20"
        <Text X="11" Y="-17" Width="246" Height="17"
        <Button Name="InstallButton" X="-91" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23"
TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.InstallInstallButton)</Button>
        <Button Name="WelcomeCancelButton" X="-11" Y="-11" Width="75"
Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.InstallCloseButton)</Button>

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