[wix-users] Downloading large payloads to drive with most free space

john.pnvn at seznam.cz john.pnvn at seznam.cz
Sun Mar 6 22:51:53 PST 2016


our bundle contains large payloads (cabs), which are downloaded to system 
temporary directory. However, for some of our customers this is an issue 
(they don't have enough free space on their system drives - you know small/
cheap SSDs and such...).

Is it possible to change this?

We're already using custom private build with some adjustments, so it is not
an issue to modify Burn engine. So far our changes were very small and 
localized and we were hoping that this would already be implemented (for 
example Windows Update does extract its packages to the partition with most 
free space available).

Also, we're not caching our packages, but Burn still moves them to Package 
Cache (which is again located on system drive). Is it possible to change 
this behavior as well?


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