[wix-users] 2 features installer with validation

Lavoie, Sylvain Sylvain.Lavoie at McKesson.com
Fri Mar 4 12:03:05 PST 2016

Hi there,

I have a simple installer to change.
The installer install a web site and a database.
In the first version, everything was installed on the same computer .
Now I have to update the installer with 2 features

-          Website

-          Database
This is to allow installation of the website only on one computer and the database on a separate server.
In the first version I had Launch Condition to check if IIS was installed and if the Windows Authentication and Url authorization was installed.

Now, since I can install only the DB, I want to do the check for IIS only if the feature is selected.

What is the best way to do that?

-          From the UI on the next  btn?

-          With a Custom Action

o   What is the best place to schedule it?


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