[wix-users] Registry serach and numbers

Ronny Eriksson ronny.eriksson at optimity.se
Thu Mar 3 12:57:59 PST 2016

Hi all

I have this condition to see if the IIS version is higher the 7.
But I have 10 and it will not recognize it as a higher number, and there for is says that I don't have IIS7 or higher installed.

This is the wix code.
      <RegistrySearch Id="CheckIISVersion"

    <Condition Message="IIS must be installed of at least IIS 7 or higher.">
      <![CDATA[Installed OR (IIS_MAJOR_VERSION >= "#7")]]>

How do I solve this?
Can I convert the IIS_MAJOR_VERSION to an INTEGER or is there a better way to check the IIS version when the IIS version is higher then 9?
I understand why IIS_MAJOR_VERSION >= #7 is not true when IIS_MAJOR_VERSION is #10 since it's a string.

I'll take any idees.


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