[wix-users] WiX v3.10.2 Important Security Fix Release breaks Debugging?

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Mon Jan 25 09:48:38 PST 2016

The first (and really only) priority in v3.10.2 was getting Burn secure (while maintaining stability) within the disclosure window.

For now to debug you can launch the bundle in "clean room where your BA is loaded" by passing "-burn.clean.room=X:\full\path\to\bundle.exe".

With more time to breathe in v3.11 we can add features to get it easier to debug again. 

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thanks for the answer.

The method seems to be unnecessarily complicated compared to before.

Would it be a lot of work to make it possible to optionally disable the clean-room technique via a burn argument for easier debug purposes?

Best regards,
Jürgen Schäpker

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