[wix-users] Simple MSI to copy files

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 19:45:53 PST 2016

I think you're confusing what MSBuild brings to the table.

MSBuild is an automation tool meant for build processes. It was created to
build applications written in .NET languages but it can be used for just
about anything. The WiX Toolset, for example, delivers several MSBuild
.targets, which could be used standalone, used to drive Visual Studio
projects for WiX.

You do not need MSBuild at all.

It sounds like BuildServerConfigurations.target is not well generalized
requiring a MSBuild expert to update it to call WiX tools specifically to
create new MSIs. I would recommend that you don't use it, at least

I have found WiX's Visual Studio integration to be quite good. If you have
Visual Studio, likely since you mention TFSBuild.proj, then just add a new
WiX Project to an existing or new solution and get your new MSI working
properly. Then, consult your team members to integrate the project into
your build process.

For your MSI, you plan on copying a few files so I recommend you check out
the online WiX tutorial and focus on directories, components, features, and
the file resource. You'll need to do some studying on your own. The
tutorial is quite good and covers everything you want to do and more. So
focus only on those things you want to do and ignore the extra stuff for

Get your shiny new WiX project to build a MSI that does nothing.

Then define your directory structure. How do you know the install locations
for your files?

Then create a component for each file you want to install.

Finally group your components into one or more features. A single feature
might make perfect sense in your case.

Edwin G. Castro

On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Drummond, Jeffrey <
Jeffrey.Drummond at chasepaymentech.com> wrote:

> Hello:
> We are using WIX with MSBuild to build our web and Windows .msis.
> The BuildServerConfigurations.targets file for those web and Windows
> .msis is large and complex.
> For the task I have before me, creating an MSI that deploys an assembly
> and a config file
> to a specific directory, is the simple solution to create another targets
> file and
> have the TFSBuild.proj file for the simple MSI to point to that?
> And can anyone provide an example of a simple targets files like that?
> Thanks.

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