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Very different approaches to installation NSIS and the Windows Installer.  NSIS is a procedural script, Windows Installer is a declarative transaction. So you need to think differently. A general source code converter is not really possible (NSIS may be Turing complete).

Anyway, yeah, it's a different sort of task. We've done a few of these conversions at FireGiant. I've come to really not care much for NSIS during these conversions but I understand why installation novices might gravitate to its procedural nature (which funny enough is also its fundamental flaw, IMHO).

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Good day everyone. This is my first post to the list. I started researching WIX a few days ago and to say the least, I'm as green as they come in reference to it. I have a complex program which has a working installer built with NSIS. I did not write the NSIS installer or the program which it installs. The installer was written about 10 years ago by a former co-worker. My goal is to completely re-write the installer from the ground up using WIX. I need to accomplish this fairly quickly, but looking at the WIX tutorials and documentation, I don't believe this is going to be a quick process. My question is. is there any way to convert an NSIS script to WIX format? If not, is there anyone out there who is willing to help me at least plan out the project? There are many variables that come into play with my program. For example, my program can run with several mail server platforms.
I need the installer to give choices upon launch so that the person installing it can choose which mail server they have running etc. Thanks in advance for your guidance.  


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