[wix-users] Weird un-install behavior

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
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It sounds like you need to implement a 'RememberProperty' pattern so that any values you pass to a MSI using Burn (or on a command line to the MSI) are available when doing 'on-demand' MSI actions.

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I am using Wix 3.10 I have a scenario whereby in some cases I need to pass a parameter "MATERIALS" to the installer to install feature "y" instead of feature "x". I have all of this working as expected.

Bundle.wxs (Burn)

<Variable Name="MATERIALS" bal:Overridable="yes" Type="string" Value="x"/> <MsiPackage Id="MaxCut" SourceFile="$(var.SolutionDir)\Setup.msi"
         <MsiProperty Name="MATERIALS" Value="[MATERIALS]" /> </MsiPackage>

Product.wxs (Wix)

<Property Id="MATERIALS" Value="x"/>
<Feature Id="xMaterialsFeature" Title="x materials" Level="0"
Display="hidden" AllowAdvertise="no" Absent="allow">
      <ComponentGroupRef Id="xMaterialsFragment"/>
      <Condition Level="1">

<Feature Id="yMaterialsFeature" Title="y materials" Level="0"
Display="hidden" AllowAdvertise="no" Absent="allow">
      <ComponentGroupRef Id="yMaterialsFragment"/>
      <Condition Level="1">

Everything works fine on a normal installation. However I have encountered some strange behavior when I pass in a value for my MsiProperty;

D:\Bootstrapper\Setup.exe MATERIALS=y

Un-installing and re-installing by running my installer with the parameter is working as expected but if I un-install through the control panel and try to re-install the program, the installer runs and completes immediately. Nothing is installed. Further investigation shows that some registry entries are left behind when un-installing through the control panel.

Can someone please explain why un-installing through the control panel causes this behavior? Is there a way to rectify this?


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