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Parkes, Kevin Kevin.Parkes at wacom.eu
Fri Feb 12 06:49:08 PST 2016

How 'bout dat... I knocked together some test projects and the approach described seems to work perfectly.

Many thanks


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I originally went down the path of having a Burn driven chain of MSIs (each of which was the 'base language' built for a MSI project with language transforms embedded using EmbedTransfroms.exe).  And while this appeared to work I discovered some unacceptable behaviors when an 'on-demand' install of an MSI was launched on a non-base language configuration, typically due to an advertised feature.  When researching this the advice that I got was that Burn does not support the use of MSIs with embedded transforms in this manner.  The transform ends up changing the markers (or thumbprint) used by Burn to ID the MSI package after installation, so it becomes a similar problem as using Instance Transforms, which I believe is not yet supported by Burn.  So I changed my approach as described here in a post to the old wix-users forum.

(While searching the current wix-users forum has had some issues and is not very useful, searching the old wix-users forum is a great resource for finding solutions!)

Later others described in the old wix-users forum, how they ship a base-language MSI and also list each Language Transform in the chain so that Burn apples the language transforms.  I did not try that approach.


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I currently have a single, monolithic MSI which I want to split up and then create a bundle.

The MSI includes embedded transforms for language support and my initial idea was to have "core" files in one MSI and languages in separate ones. However, I need to create things like shortcuts and context menu items which obviously have to be localized and reference the EXE in the core MSI. Is there a standard/recommended approach for something like this?


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