[wix-users] heat and IIS harvesting

Douglas, Keith (STATCAN/STATCAN) keith.douglas at canada.ca
Fri Feb 19 08:18:47 PST 2016

I have been having trouble reverse engineering what is expected to create a certain web application, site, etc. in WiX style instructions. I ran heat on a successful "manual creation" and found only the directories (physical) and files were harvested. (I used the documentation example for heat.) Is there a way to get the IIS details output as well ?

Alternatively, it seems the WebApplication I'm trying to reverse engineer doesn't create, which seems to be the problem / difference between my WiX and the manual  I just get  a website and the AppPool when I do this ...

            <Component Id="FA1025197423" Guid="79a314d2-867b-42ce-94a4-c36a64a74c02">
              <File Id="FA1025197423" Source="C:\installerbuilder\icos\EQ\Files\wwwroot\staticerrors\WET4_500.html" KeyPath="yes" />
              <Iis:WebAppPool Id="AppPool" Name="i-eq" />
              <Iis:WebSite Id="WebSite" Description="Default" Directory="F1576799264">
                <Iis:WebAddress Id="Wa29c41eb43aae4a17b7908654f3c21191" Port="80" Secure="no" />
                <Iis:WebApplication Id="WebApplication" Name="i-eq" WebAppPool="AppPool" />

I don't understand IIS MVC details at all; should the component I use be different? I was just picking one file to have the website follow along with. Do I have to create an arbitrary component for the web stuff, or is this approach ok? (Ignoring the one-file-per-component thing for now, unless that of course is the problem.)

Put yet another way, the "manual instructions" were to use IIS Manager and "convert to application" a directory full of files supplied. What is the equivalent here? When I follow this, I get a "special icon" in IIS manager that seems to reflect the application; if I follow the above it is nowhere to be found, as is the "directory" in question. As mentioned, the Application does not show in "View Applications", so it looks like that part does not install correctly, hence the difference.

Curiously, the only application-level problem that I can detect now is that some images and stuff cannot be found if I do it "the above" way. (There may be others; I am not the author of the application, so I cannot be sure.)

Keith Douglas

Programmer Analyst, Collection Systems Division
Statistics Canada / Government of Canada
Keith.Douglas at canada.ca<mailto:Keith.Douglas at canada.ca> / Tel : 613-854-5589

Programmeur analyste, Division des systèmes de collecte
Statistique Canada / Gouvernenment du Canada
Keith.Douglas at canada.ca<mailto:Keith.Douglas at canada.ca> / Tél :613-854-5589

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