[wix-users] Not able to install .net 4.6.1 if .net 4.0 or higher already installed

Ali Karimi ali.karimi at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 18 09:30:15 PST 2016


We are trying to included 4.6.1 as prerequisite for our installation application. This has been given in the bundle and separate netfx.wxs file accordingly. It is wokring on machines not having any .net installed or the installed .net version is less than 4.0.
Please advice how to proceed to make is execute and install on a mahcine having an installed .net versoin which is higher or equal to 4.0 but not 4.6.1
We are using wix 3.9 R2. Has anyone succeeded installing 4.6.1 on a machine that already have 4.0 or any of the family up to 4.6?If so coudl you please provide how you managed this in wix Thank you in advance. 


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