[wix-users] Passing multiple parameters to the target file Argument attribute in ProgId

Shelly Horowitz shellyh at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 3 08:13:40 PST 2016


I'm adding a file association in my installer using ProgId.

I need to pass 2 arguments to the target file  (through Argument), see as follows:

<ProgId Id="FileAssociation" Description="My file>

   <Extension Id="myfile" ContentType="myfile">

       <Verb Id="open" Command="Open" TargetProperty="MyApp.exe" Argument="'parameter1string' %1"/>



The first parameter I want to pass is 'parameter1string'
The second parameter is the name of the file.

This is not working this way obviously,
How do I do that?

Any thought?


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