[wix-users] Program loses signature when bundled

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Ensure your source location for your MSI is the signed exe.  Bundling a MSI will not modify a MSI package, nor any of its CABS. If you are using external CAB's, you can verify the contents easily by opening the CAB file and extracting the exe.  If it's an embedded CAB, then you will need a tool like Orca to extract the embedded contents.

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Thanks again for your help in the past, I really appreciate it.  I figured out the issue with patching bundle and MSPs.  The reason why it wasn't working correctly in past was due to me taking a shortcut in making MSPs.  Instead of updating files' version, I simply built them once, then twiddled with the MSI bundle to remove files as part of patching process.  This resulted in MSP thinking it's already installed, since all files are still at the same version, skipping some MSPs in the bundle.  But once I did a full rebuild for each patch, the MSPs worked correctly, both small and minor updates.

Now I'm facing an interesting problem.  I have a signing process that signs our program's exe (not the installer exe, but the program itself).  When MSI is built, it is still signed.  But once it's bundled as part of the bootstrapper bundle, it loses the signature and reverts back to unsigned exe.  Why is this?  Do I need to extract files (this is compressed into the exe) and sign it again and put it back in?  What am I missing here?


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